Flin Flon Fire Department

Thank you for taking the time to visit Flin Flon Fire Department’s web page.  Dispatched via the Provincial 911 system, we are a paid-on-call fire service with 34 frontline firefighters and 1 full-time fire chief. The Fire Department encourages all citizens to have working smoke alarms and an up-to-date home fire escape plan that is practiced regularly.

Who We Are

The Flin Flon Fire Department is a team of highly trained and caring professionals who provide vital emergency response, prevention and education services that support community safety and quality of life.

Our Vision

To provide the citizens of Flin Flon with a pro-active, effective and efficient delivery of fire rescue, public education and fire prevention services; through a unified forward-thinking organization with good morale and with the highest standards of personal safety, fairness and professionalism. 

We will be leaders in our profession in service excellence, advanced training, employee development, use of technology and on-going department evaluation to ensure community safety and quality of life. 

  • Our Values
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Tradition
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Courage
  • Teamwork
  • Treat all our customers with respect, kindness, and understanding

We Wish To Achieve Organizational Excellence By:

  • Developing fire prevention and emergency operations programs that address the needs of our community
  • Acquiring, allocating and deploying community appropriate resources
  • Investing in staff development to develop appropriate skill sets
  • Advancing an organizational culture that embraces safety, diversity, openness and teamwork
  • Investing in new and emerging technologies as a means to achieve greater operational efficiency

Risk Management Philosophy

  • We will risk our lives a lot, if necessary, to protect savable lives.
  • We will risk our lives a little, and in a calculated manner, to protect savable property.
  • We will not risk our lives at all to protect lives or property that is already lost.
  • Everyone Goes Home!


  • Fire Suppression & Rescue
  • Shore Based Water Rescue
  • Vehicle Extrication & Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials Response – Awareness Level
  • Confined Space Rescue - Awareness Level
  • Low Angle Rope Rescue

Additional Services
  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Prevention & Inspection
  • Public Education

Fire Prevention

LOOK for possible fire hazards in your home and eliminate them.

LISTEN for your home’s smoke alarms. Know that you may have only minutes to get out if a fire breaks out.

LEARN two ways out of each room of your home. Exits should be easy to access and free of clutter. After leaving the home, go to your family’s designated meeting spot, established when you set up a home fire escape plan.
Visits Sparky's website for fun activities while learning more about Fire Prevention Click Here

Location: 96 Hapnot Street

Fire station tours can be booked by calling 204-681-7535.