Camp Whitney

Rest! Relaxation! Recreation!

The perfect, secluded, remote wilderness camp is located on Lake Athapapskow.  It is set in the heart of the Boreal Forest; it is wilderness and nature at its best.
  • 10 rustic cabins (4 bunk beds and mattress / sleeps 8 people) plus tent sites available.
  • Cooking and dining facilities.
  • Newly constructed shower facilities.
  • Solar power system provides unlimited energy from the sun for all the camps needs. It is environmentally friendly, minimizes noise, and exhaust pollution. All with the convenience of flip-a-switch power.
  • Log pavilion with an open fireplace, perfect for parties, receptions, rainy days, and is great for roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, for storytelling, and sing songs. 
  • Two beautiful natural sand beaches.
  • Large playing area, ideal for volleyball, softball, and/or soccer.
  • Hiking trails, with an abundance of unspoiled nature and wildlife.
  • The Brian King Nature Trail.

 Rates Are As Follows:

  • Day Use only: $375
  • Up to 25ppl: $575/night
  • 26-40ppl: $875/night
  • 40-80ppl: $1275/night
Amenities provided:  
  • Showers
  • Dining Hall with Kitchen Facilities 
  • Barbeques 
  • Canoes & Kayaks 
  • Eco- Trails 
  • Volleyball Court 
  • Root Cellar for Cold Storage
  • The Convenience of Flip-a-Switch Power 
  • Marina Facilities 

Guests are responsible for bedding, (sleeping bags, pillows, etc.), personal toiletry, food and beverage, and having a great time.  Please remember to remove ALL items brought in.

*If needed transportation is available to and from Camp Whitney via Pontoon Boat.  Please reserve transportation at the time of booking to ensure availability. $200/round trip

Booking inquiries:

Phone: (204) 681-7542

Fax: (204) 681-7543

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