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The City of Flin Flon maintains four cemeteries.  Ross Park Cemetery is located off of Boam Street, South Main Cemetery is on South Main Street, Hillside and East Hillside Cemeteries are located off of Channing Drive.
The City of Flin Flon provides location maps of all the cemeteries for genealogical (family tree purposes), or for individuals wishing to locate a specific grave.

The City of Flin Flon may ask for information regarding a date of birth, date of death, or date of burial, in order that we may update our records.

For questions regarding the operation or location of an individual please drop into City Hall 20 First Ave or call 204-681-7516

Individual or the Memorial Company must first contact the City to:

2)  Ensure that the memorial meets the specifications of the Cemetery By-laws (ie: size, type of material construction, concrete foundation etc.).

3)  Individuals or the Memorial Company are responsible for proper clean up after the memorial is installed (ie: tire tracks -filled and seeded, replace damaged or moved memorial as a result of the installation).

4)  Only 1 cemetery memorial per cemetery plot.

5)  D.V.A. Markers in Legion Plots must meet all of the requirements of Veterans Affairs.

*Before any project is started, approval from The City of Flin Flon is required (ie: planting of flowers, shrubs, installation of cemetery memorial or plot maintenance).

Memorial benches are purchased through Grant Funeral Home & Crematorium.
Contact Information:


Visit the bottom of this page to view our cemetery maps.