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Recreation and Leisure

#9 Recreation and Leasure

Recreation and leisure play a crucial role in a community. There are many benefits to recreation and leisure, including improving the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors while contributing to the empowerment of the community and promoting the development of a diversified and inclusive community. 

The City of Flin Flon is a unique northern urban community with a wide array of amenities. There are a number of wonderful places for recreation and leisure, such as the amazing arts and culture programming, including the Blueberry Jam Festival, the ballet and the numerous productions happening throughout the year. There are many restaurants, recreational facilities, a scenic golf course, a beautiful lakefront boardwalk and the magnificent scenery of lakes and surrounding beauty, opportunities for hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. The City of Flin Flon will be focusing their efforts on recreation and leisure with the following key action items.

Key Action Items

1.    Enhance and utilize the recreational parks in the community.

2.    Realign the needs of a recreational facility to the needs of the community.

3.    Increase outdoor activities and recreation programs and activities.

How Far Have We Come?

Drop in Sports Activities (KAI 3)

To help promote a more active lifestyle, the Recreation Department has introduced a series of drop-in sports activities aimed towards adults and older teens. These activities include basketball, volleyball, Pickleball, Disc golf, and Racket Sports. To view a schedule of these activities Click Here

Disco Golf At Creekside/Kingsway/Riverside Parks (KAI 1,2 & 3)

Together with the assistance of the Disc Golf Club we have started developing an 18 hole disc golf course