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#7 Beautification

Beautification and pride have a major positive impact on a community. A comprehensive multidimensional community-wide clean-up program allows people to connect and introduces the community to more social, environmental and safety concerns, allowing the program to open the door to other programs, projects and initiatives throughout the community. 

Focusing on beautification of a community engages staff, youth, residents and businesses in the community to take a leadership role and develop actions to help build a beautiful, green and friendly, sustainable future for Flin Flon. 

The City of Flin Flon is dedicated to ensuring that the following KAls are implemented to align with our vision of fostering opportunities for a clean natural environment to ensure that Flin Flon is a desirable location to live, work and explore.

Key Action Items

1.    Development of an educational piece on municipal tax assessments.

2.    Create a community-wide clean-up and pride program.

3.    Main Street revitalization.

4.    Ensure existing and future public spaces promote friendly positive interactions among community members.

How Far Have We Come?

Introduction of a Community Improvement Plan (KAI 3)

The City Of Flin Flon will be introducing a series of grants introduced through a Community Improvement Plan. These grants are available under the municipal act and are designed to improve the appearance of buildings and structures in the area. Phase 1 of this Community Improvement Plan will have a focus on Main Street. More information on these grants and the Community Improvement Plan as a whole will be made available in the near future.  

Flinty Restoration (KAI 2)

Thanks in large part to the Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce with additional funding provided by The City of Flin Flon we have been able to hire professional restorers to bring back Flinty to his former glory.