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Effective Governance

#4 Effective Governance and Politics

Municipal governments are made up of a municipal council, one mayor and 6 councilors and a municipal administration team. 

A community's elected municipal council makes decisions and passes bylaws and resolutions on behalf of the community. 

Municipal administration manages the community's day-to-day programs and services. The administration carries out the municipal council's decisions and manages community functions.

Key Action Items

1.    Continuous education and training for elected officials.

2.    The creation of a policy development team.

3.    Ensure fiscal accountability for the municipality.

4.    Create more awareness and education on effective  partnerships with the surrounding Indigenous communities.

5.    Maintain effective partnerships with Indigenous, national, regional, local partners.

6.    The development of a municipal City of Flin Flon communication strategy.

How Far Have We Come?

Public Relations Hire (KAI 6)

The City of Flin Flon has introduced a new Public Relations and Community Engagement position to help streamline 2-way communications between administration and the public.