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Comprehensive Seniors Program

#5 Comprehensive Seniors Programs

The community of Flin Flon has a rich history in northern Manitoba spanning over ninety years. The bulk of the seniors in this area are now second and third generation Flin Flonners to whom this is home. 

Many residents and former residents have chosen to retire in Flin Flon. The scenic lakes and vistas in the Flin Flon region are very special. The recent and successful 2017 Flin Flon Homecoming was well-attended. Many former residents anecdotally supported this position and many indicated they were considering coming home. 

To ensure that the City of Flin Flon supports its seniors, some investments are needed in the community. 

The ability to deliver services to people and property depends on a team-based approach whereby effective and consistent communication is amalgamated with strong morals and the alignment of the need of this program. 

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation states: That when communities attract and retain older residents in a diverse population mix, they gain the economic benefits as well as the social strengths of a mature population. 

They stated that the benefits of an age-friendly community range from accessible and affordable housing and services to an inclusive social structure with strong community connections. Without suitable housing and services for all, municipalities risk losing the social backbone of their communities, as well as the key financial resources that older residents control.

Key Action Items

1.    Complete a feasibility study for seniors housing.

2.    Identification and reassessment of services provided to the community.

3.    Development of an active living program for seniors.

4.    Assess current accessibility and provide a long-term action plan for continuous accessibility improvements.

How Far Have We Come?

Retirement Living Needs Assessment Survey (KAI 1)

The City of Flin Flon has distributed a Retirement Living Needs Assessment Survey to the community. The results of this survey will help identify living concerns of current and future retirees in the area who may wish to retire in Flin Flon but who may require additional services and or housing alternatives to do so.